Monday, August 27, 2012


We had the chance to profile some great Canadian artists on this weeks show including E.S.B. (Red Light Quadrant, Vancouver),  Larry James, and Secret Lover.  Bron & Moe Lowe are pleased to announce they will be releasing some of this great music on 10" vinyl on their new label Heart2Heart. We are super PUMPED to be able to share with you some of this fantastic music.   

You can follow E.S.B. on Soundcloud right here -

Here's the tracklisting for the show and we hope to have the podcast up soon.

Kleeer - Tonight - Atlantic
E.S.B. - Timeout3 - Unreleased
Secret Lover - Just Jack Girl - Unreleased
E.S.B. - Soobs - Unreleased
E.S.B. - Dottie - Unreleased
E.S.B - Airwood - Unreleased
Larry James - I'm Telling You - Unreleased
Larry James - He's Coming - Unreleased
Larry James - Hamburger Music - Unreleased
Bron - Touque Party - Unreleased
Cem G - Bamboo Clouds - Red Motorbike
Spike - Merel - Golf Channel
DJ Steve - Special Cuts #1 - BIS Records
Dominik Von Senger - Only Love Can Take Us Home (Welcome Stranger Mix 1) - Golf Channel
Thomas/Mayer - Uber Wiesen - Kompakt
Smallpeople - King of Green - Underground Quality
The Mole - Hippy Speedball - Ostgut-Ton
Dexter - X7D - Ostgut-Ton

Thanks for tuning in!


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