Saturday, November 10, 2012


Raebot, Bron & Moe Lowe in the booth for this weeks episode - It was great to be back all together and we played a great selection of music!  

Here's what we journey'd through: 

Tech Trax Inc. - Feel The Luv (Sex Mix) - Nu Groove
Johnny Dynell - Love Find A Way (Dub Find A Way Mix) - Atlantic
Black Devil - To Ardent (Horse Meat Disco Club Mix) - 2 Bears 1 Love
Marshall Jefferson vs Noosa Heads - Mushrooms (Salt City Orchestra Mix) - Airtight
Jagged - Ten to Twelve - Bonsai Recordings
Omar S & Kai Alce - Not Phazed - FXHE Records
RVDS - Lunar Eclipse - It's
Fantastic Man - Late At Night - Fine Choice Records
Ashes to Machines - Resistance (JuJu & Jordash Remix) - Leleka
Theo Parrish - Stop Bajon (TP Translation) - Archive
Chasing Kurt - Money - Good Ratio Music
Pantha du Prince - Suzan - Dial
Boyd Jarvis & Nick Anthony Simoncino - 1985 (Club Mix) - Traveller Records
Keyboard Masher - Spaghetti Voodoo - KM Editions 4
Ponty Mython - Warm Time (12" Version) - Beats Delivery
Peach Boys - Don't Make Me Wait - West End
Jamie L - In The Burg 
Jamie L - IN The Burn (Havana Candy Remix) 

Thanks for tuning in!  

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Spilt Milk took  over!  And it was awesome.

This long time Edmonton DJ, Promoter, and Raver extraordinaire was host of Catch The Beat for many many years and this week we had him mixing records for us all.   Audit tagged along too and these 2 gentlemen put a fine selection of music together for our listening pleasure.  Here's what was played:

Pat Les Stache - Disco Machine - Athlete Edits
Suonho - Shaft Alt Take - The Directors Cuts
T-Ski Valley - Catch The Beat - BMC Records
Tom Tom Club - Genius of Love - Sire
Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde - Genius of Rap - Island Records
Neighbour & Spilt Milk - Get With This - Home Breakin Records
Suonho - For The Love of Soul - AK Records
Kola Kabe - Why - ???
Nancy Martin - Can't Believe - Atlantic
Funktransplant - What is Funk - Home Breakin Records
Todd Terry - G.O.D Limited II - G.O.D
Mercury - Old Man's House - Gomma Dance Tracks
Fantastic Man - It's Essential - Let's Play House
Missing Linx - You Ain't Hip - Philpot
Akufen - Chocolate Strawberry - Musique Risquee
Kid Sublime - I Won't Give Up On You - Faces Records
Flipside - The World is a Ghetto - Steady Beat
Washerman - Deep Feeling - Saft
Julio Bashmore - Au Seve - Broadwalk Records
Alain Ho - Into a Deep (Hot Toddy Remix) - The Exquisite Pain Recordings
Magic Fly feat Ricky Ranking - 2 Planets - Bastard Jazz Recordings
The Time - The Walk - Warner Music
Change - A Lovers Holiday - Warner Music
War - Galaxy - MCA Records
Biz Markie - Busy Doing Nuthin' - Cold Chillin'
Big Daddy Kane - Rap Summary - Cold Chillin'
Ferddie Kruger - Bap Yo Head - Jugglin'
Spilt Milk - Herbert on St Albert - Unreleased
Spilt Milk - Bounce - Unreleased

For more AWESOME music from Spilt Milk you can follow him on Soundcloud:

And here's where you can find more from Audit:

Thanks for tuning in!

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Lot's of new music out lately!  It's almost overwhelming... Almost.   We featured an itty bitty teenie weenie amount of it on today's program - Check it out:

Kasper Bjork - Heaven (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) - HFN Music
Les Sins - Taken - Jiaolong
Matthew Dear - Do The Right Thing - Ghostly International
Ted Pilsner - Cosmic Bunt - Red Motorbike
Pat Les Stache - Cosmic Sands - Athlete Edits
Diesel & Jarvis - This Man - Moton Records
Isoul & Mark De Clive-Lowe - Stop Dajon - Archive

Then we went  into a DJ Mix prepared by Bron.

Track listing to follow.

You can catch the podcast on our mixcloud page -

Thanks for tuning in!



Moe Lowe flying solo for this show!  He held it down playing a great mixture of old and new... Here's what was played.

Follow us on mixcloud at


Kassem Mosse - Demo Drums Ripping Demos - Kindasoul
Roisin Murphy - Simulation (Original Mix - Permanent Vacation
Kid Sublime - B1 Untitled - Basement Works #1 - Jahwell
Touch Sensitive - Body Stop - Future Classic
Touch Sensitive - Body Stop (Toby Tobias Remix) - Future Classic
Ashes To Mashines - Resistance (Ji Dru & Sandra Nikake Remix) - Leleka
??? - Four Walls (Black Room Edit) - Moton Records
Kid Sublime - B1 Untitled - Basement Works #3 - Jahwell
Todd Terje - Inspector Norse - Smalltown Supersound
Kleeer - Tonight - Atlantic
Cloudmaster Weed - Com'on'n'join US - Soiree
Creative Swing Alliance - Yeah! - MCDE
The Mole - Alice, You Need Him - Wagon Repair
Vakula - Curve - Down Beat Black
Kenlou - The Bounce - Maw Recordings
Vakula - For Kira Neris - Down Beat Black
Nebraska - The Mountains - Rush Hour
Vakula - You Can Do - Firecracker
Tom Ellis - Q Marks - Minor Dust
Motor City Drum Ensemble - Raw Cuts #4 - MCDE

Thanks for tuning in!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


This week we had an off-beat episode of Catch the Beat as we did our "Super Flea Special" - a tribute to the art of "digging" for used vinyl from all the Flea Markets, Garage Sales, Vintage Stores, Goodwills, and Antique Markets.  We had a chance to play some of our favourites but also a few pieces that perhaps should have been left at the store.  There were some hits, some misses, some stuff ahead of it's time, and some forgotten gems.  We had a blast!  This program was hosted by Raebot with the help of special guests Wijit & Rootbeard - two of Edmonton's most passionate vinyl hunters.    

Here's what was played:

Vangelis - Multi Track Suggestion
John Kongos - IMPI
Yoko Ono - Dogtown
Perrey & Kingsley - The Little Man From Mars
Azoto - Exalt Exalt
Yello - Vicious Games
Patrick Cowley - If You Feel It
Panama - What'd I Say?
Sniff n' Tears - Driver's Seat
Eddie Hooper - Pass It On
Spargo - Head Up To The Sky
Barbara Norris - Heavy Hitter
Tangerine Dream - Love On A Real Train
Jah Shaka - Thunderous Dub
Tradition - Herbs Tree Dub
Pino Donaggio - Body Double
Neal Howard - Beat Dis (Extended Dub)
Electronic System - Back Home

Monday, August 27, 2012


We had the chance to profile some great Canadian artists on this weeks show including E.S.B. (Red Light Quadrant, Vancouver),  Larry James, and Secret Lover.  Bron & Moe Lowe are pleased to announce they will be releasing some of this great music on 10" vinyl on their new label Heart2Heart. We are super PUMPED to be able to share with you some of this fantastic music.   

You can follow E.S.B. on Soundcloud right here -

Here's the tracklisting for the show and we hope to have the podcast up soon.

Kleeer - Tonight - Atlantic
E.S.B. - Timeout3 - Unreleased
Secret Lover - Just Jack Girl - Unreleased
E.S.B. - Soobs - Unreleased
E.S.B. - Dottie - Unreleased
E.S.B - Airwood - Unreleased
Larry James - I'm Telling You - Unreleased
Larry James - He's Coming - Unreleased
Larry James - Hamburger Music - Unreleased
Bron - Touque Party - Unreleased
Cem G - Bamboo Clouds - Red Motorbike
Spike - Merel - Golf Channel
DJ Steve - Special Cuts #1 - BIS Records
Dominik Von Senger - Only Love Can Take Us Home (Welcome Stranger Mix 1) - Golf Channel
Thomas/Mayer - Uber Wiesen - Kompakt
Smallpeople - King of Green - Underground Quality
The Mole - Hippy Speedball - Ostgut-Ton
Dexter - X7D - Ostgut-Ton

Thanks for tuning in!


Sunday, August 19, 2012

PLAYLIST - August 18th, 2012

Mostly Minimal Techno & House in the dose of tunes shared on yesterday's show.

Check out what was played:

Pier Bucci - Shekinah - Crosstown Rebels
Wareika - Movement 4 - Perlon
Narcotic Syntax - Mayaku Shintakusu - Perlon
Others - Take 2 - Musique Risquee
Kyle Hall - After Fall - Rush Hour
TJ & DJ Raybone - Gone - Rush Hour
Robag Wruhme - Robellada - Circus Company
Geoff White - Ince - Spectral
Unknown Artist - Swe - RAL (NOT ON LABEL)
Lawrence - Creator - Dial
Ricardo Villalobos - 808 Bass Queen
Losoul - Constellar - Logistic
Cinch - Fortyfive - (Dandy Jack's Happy Stars Remix) - Danksoul Recordings
Tom Demac - Tenfromseventeen (Soulphiction Remix) - Lieb Detail Spezial
Onur Ozer & Tobi Neuman - Mimosa - Sensitiva
Even Tuell - Mental Marathon - Music Krause
Efdemin - Nighttrain (Fred P's Reshape) - Dial
Lawrence - Etoile du Midi - Dial
Audio Werner - Anytime - Minibar
Unknown Artist - Dre - RAL (NOT ON LABEL)
Franck Roger - I Take You Up - Circus Company

- Raebot