Monday, January 2, 2012

Favourites of 2011

Holy smackers!!!  What a year!   First off we'd like to thank each and every listener who has tuned in and supported us week in and week out.  We love you!

As you know, this year we were blessed with a Saturday night NYE and we were able to put together a special show filled with our favourite tunes from  2011 to get your NYE party started right.  The selections came from Raebot, Moe Lowe, and special guest Kinsella.  It was EXTREMELY difficult to narrow down the list given the sheer volume of INSANE music that was released this year, and to be completely honest we really just ended up playing whatever the f*@# we wanted!  So here it is!  The fraction of favourites we played for you on NYE  2011:

Genius Of Time - Houston We Have a Problem - Royal Oak
Matt Veloce - Let's Get Some Love - Parker Musicworks
Pupkulies - ICI - Acker Records
Ekkis - There Is No Fear - Minordust
Eddie C - Space Shuttle - Endless Flight
Patrick Kunkel - A Little Saxophone Store - Circle Digital
Plastic Man - Groove With You - Kolour LTD
Vakula - Gospel Keyboards - Third Strike
South of Roosevelt - Over Me - Guesthouse Music
Tornado Wallace - Tornado Never Dies - Sleazy Beats
Roman Flugal - Bahia Blues Bootcamp - Dial
Paul Kalkbrenner - Kleines Buba - Paul Kalkbrenner Musik
Floating Points - Marilyn - Eglo 
Djungl - Kitchen Portal - Ethereal Sound
The Sound Diggers - Gypsy Beats - ???
Exile - Love For Sale/Robots Have Feelings - All City
Exile - Dawn of the Nothing - All City
I Boat Captain - Slower - Is It Balearic? Recordings
Mizz Beats - Pimpin - Eglo
Reagenz - The Labyrinth - Ostgut Ton

Thanks again so much,  we look forward to 2012 with great anticipation! 

- Raebot

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