Saturday, November 12, 2011

November 12th, 2011

A HUGE thanks to each and everyone who donated to CJSR for this years Fundrive and to all those who pitched in, helped out, and worked hard to make it all happen.  It was a smashing success!   Thanks to your support community radio in Edmonton will be with us for yet another year.  :)

We have to apologize for neglecting the blog for the last while but things have been quite hectic.  Technical difficulties have been preventing us from getting our podcasts up.
Here's the tracklisting for today's show, and as soon we get the podcast online we'll post the link.

Thanks for tuning in!


Miss Beats - Pimpin' - Eglo
Roman Flugel - Don't Break My Heart - Dial
G-Pal - Aegan Sea - Plastic City
Seuil - Slow Motion - Hello? Repeat
Mikkel Metal - Mazurski - Tartelet Records
Moodyman - Technology Stole My Vinyle - KDJ 
Locosolus - Tan Sedan (Dr. Dunks Remix) - IFeel
Rocket - You Don't Know - Greyhound Recordings
Wbeeza - Laying Here - Third Ear Recordings
Deep Sensation - Don't Stop - Guidance Recordings
Alex Agore - Man Down - Kolour Recordings
Mother Earth - Them From Riot On 103rd Street - Acid Jazz
Teebs - Anchor Steam - All City
Turner - Neuheit - Ladomat 
Gecko Turner - When I Woke Up (Natural Self Instrumental)
Unknown Artist - Snakes Wines - C.O.M.B.I.
Soho - Hot Music - Pal Joey Music
Kassem Mosse - Sleep Working - Nonplus
Tazz - Acid Love - Underground Quality
Guillaume & The Coute Dumonts - Ubiquitous Gaze - Circus Company
William Orbit - Water From A Vine Leaf (Underwater Remix) - Virgin


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