Monday, September 5, 2011


Welcome Students of the UoA!

Thanks to those who tuned in to our show on Saturday.  We had TONS of fun.

Here's the tunes that we played:

Artist - Track - Label
The Brand New Heavies - Shelter (DJ Harvey Remix) - White Label
Albion - Krypton - Ambassadors 
Black Cock - Give It Up - Black Cock Records
Mat Chiavaroli - War Outside - Kinda Soul Recordings
Inverse Cinematics - The Rise And Fall (Sam Irl Remix) - Pulver Records
Mr. Lee - Pump That Body (Underground Club Mix) - Jive
Luke Million - Arnold - Future Classic
Mr. Fingers - Finger Fuck - Rush Hour
Bottin - Teak Lover - Artifact
Ron Trent - Morning Fever - Prescription
Hunee - Brother - Internasjonal 
The Salsoul Invention - Soul Machine - Eskimo Recordings
Dr. Dunks - Romanticos - Keep It Cheap
Albion - Invasione - Ambassador's Reception
The Soul Investigators - Downtown (Instrumental)
Norma White - I Want Your Love - Soul Jazz Records
Eric's Friends - My Body Is Hot - Leader Records
New Order - Ecstasy - Factory
Late Invitation - The Invite - Mathematics
KZA - Le Troublant Acid - Endless Flight
Phantom Slasher - Nicoteen - Noid
Jackson Jones - I Feel Good, Put Your Pants On - Clone

Don't forget to check us out on mixcloud. You can hear a podcast of this show and many others like it. Got to and look for the 9/3/2011 show.


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