Saturday, April 9, 2011

Today's Show!

We had an AWESOME time on today's show.  Thanks to all those people who called in with praise.  We love you!  The warm weather seems to have brighten peoples moods all over the city.  I hope you are all enjoying it :)

Here's the track listing for today's program.  You can hear the podcast too at

Catch The Beat - Saturday, April 9th, 2011

Daniel Wang - Berlin Sunrise - Ghostly International
Mr. Fingers - What About This Love (Dub Version) - FFRR
Vakula - Crossing - 3rd Strike
Soho 808 - Get Up Disco - Dikso
Savannah - Ida Y Vuelta - Kiff Recordings
6th Borough Project - Changin - Delusions of Grandeur
DJ Nature - Destiny Reprise - Golf Channel
Missing Linkx - Can't U Get A Grip - Philpot
Jake Slazenger - Nautilus - Warp
Luke Vibrant - Comfycozy - Planet Mu
Shoes - Why Can't We Live Together - Shoes
Luke Vibrant - God - Planet Mu
Ghost Note - Kapwa - Golf Channel
Maxmillion Dunbar - Girls Dream - Ramp Recordings
The Tortoise - Next Time Around - 3rd Strike
Glove - Wunderbar - Playhouse
Moodyman - I Can't Kick This Feeling When It Hits - Decks Reworx
Virgo Four - Crayon Box - Rush Hour
Virgo Four - Let The Music Play - Rush Hour
Double Hill - Body Motion - Double Standard
Move D - 77 Sunset Strip - City Centre Offices

Moe Lowe, Raebot & Bron

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